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     Kerastase creates iconic products with rare and highly concentrated ingredients that sink deep into the fibers, healing the hair from the inside out. The result is hair that is resilient, strong, and deeply healthy. Their results rely on the precision of careful diagnosis. They have created  with hairdressers based on their expertise and experience with clients, a unique hair.

In order to understand each women’s individual hair needs. We use it as a basis to fuel our in-depth knowledge of consumers and their hair, to be able to deliver the most accurate and personalized treatments in salon and at home. We believe that health is the basis for beauty. When you keep your hair in excellent shape, it vibrates with possibility.

Kerastase Fusio Dose - an instant transformation


     The signature boosters, five concentrated care formulas, are mixed with the concentrates, four powerful active ingredients, offering multiple combinations for a custom-designed treatment to instantly and lastingly transform the hair.


     Instantly feel a difference in your hair's texture, health & vibrancy that can last up to 8 washes. A perfect addition to any salon service! Ask your stylist at your next appointment to diagnose your hair needs.

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